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Iran is on the verge of making a nuclear bomb.


In The Death Trade by Jack Higgins an eminent Iranian scientist has made a major breakthrough in nuclear weapons research. Iran wants his research, but he doesn't want his country owning this weapon. He cannot flee as they have his mother and sister. In steps Dillon and Company to devise a plan to protect the scientist and his research. This is book twenty in the very popular Sean Dillon series.

David @ Forest Home and Zablocki

Conspiracy and rebellion...

independent study.jpg

are central to Independent Study by Joelle Charbonneau, the second book in The Testing trilogy. Cia has finally made it to university. Only the best and brightest will be groomed as future leaders -and the rest get "redirected". The pressure is greater than ever to succeed, and Cia will need all the help she can get -if she can figure out who to trust.

This dystopian series will be a hit with fans of The Hunger Games trilogy and Divergent trilogy.

Jennifer @ Forest Home

Welcome to Little Wing


This small Wisconsin town is like so many others, you know the kind--not even a stoplight and everyone knows everyone and everyone's business. But, this town is also the home of four men all born and raised there, and all friends. Lifelong relationships have good times and bad times, and through four weddings and several years, their ties are tested by trials of distance and betrayal.

Lee, an indie rock singer, known to most as Corvus, tours the world, but always comes back to Little Wing. Henry (Hank), his wife Beth and their two children run a small dairy farm. Ronny is a former rodeo star and a recovering alcoholic. And Kip, who never feels like he fits in, had a successful time in Chicago, but has returned with a wife and is intent on proving he belongs by renovating an old mill tied to many high school memories. Throughout Nickolas Butler's Shotgun Lovesongs these friends share stories of heartbreak and hope as they are reminded of the true meaning of friendship and love.

Jacki @ Central

How well do you know your spouse?


Jean Hanff Korelitz's addictive and disconcerting mystery You Should Have Known will make you wonder...

Grace Reinhart Sachs, a therapist in Manhattan, contends that there's no good reason for women to keep choosing the wrong men, if they'd just listen to their instincts. She's about to publish a book, titled 'You Should Have Known', with advice on how to spot a creep on the first date and move on. Of course, she is happily married to a faithful and adoring man.

While preparing for the requisite media blitz of publishing a book, she's also helping her son's exclusive private school with fundraising efforts. When she learns that one of her fellow committee members was brutally murdered in her apartment she starts to feel extremely tense and unsettled. Making matters worse is that her husband, who left to attend a conference, is unreachable.

The police question all the members of the fundraising committee, but circle back to speak with Grace several times. As information related to the violent crime and her missing husband are uncovered she finds she may have failed to heed her own counsel.

Jacki @ Central


Imagine coming to terms with your life and realizing that you are boring and everything bad that has ever happened to you was of your own doing. This is what happens to Liam Pennywell in the Anne Tyler book Noah's Compass. After suffering a head injury, Liam becomes obsessed with gaining back his lost memories of the night of the accident. He has plenty of time to do this, as he was recently forced into retirement at sixty. Instead of regaining that small amount of memory back he instead must deal with the memories he does have left - those of his divorce, his first wife's death. While dealing with these past memories and the emotions they conjure, he must also deal with his present issues, like a new romance, living with this teenage daughter, and forming a relationship with his grandson. As he goes through these new experiences, while reconciling his old memories, he starts to question how today will be remembered tomorrow. Though a mundane book on the plots surface, it explores questions of how much control we have over the past as well as the future.

Meredith @ Central

On Such a Full Sea by Chang-Rae Lee


On Such a Full Sea is about a future America where society is strictly organized by class, and long abandoned urban areas have become labor colonies. Descendants of those brought over years ago from ruined provincial China make up the labor class. They work to provide perfect produce and fish to the exclusive villages that surround the labor settlement. When the man she loves vanishes, Fan, a female fish-tank diver, leaves her home. Her journey to find him takes her into dangerous territories rampant with crime, to a faraway village that will become legend to those she left behind.

Jacki @ Central

Too soon for a good beach read?


The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand explores how the death of friends can affect people differently. This beach read does a good job of examining love and death from a variety of angles, allowing readers to become fully invested in the story. When Greg and Tess MacAvoy, a young couple with children dies unexpectedly, the lives of their friends (three other married couples) are changed in various ways. Some choose to go on as if nothing happened, some are irreversibly shattered and some choose to recommit to their own lives. The couple leaves behind secrets and relationships that must be explored by the remaining friends. The book is told through multiple points of view and the author does an excellent job bringing it all together at the end.

To read Connie's review click here.

Meredith @ Central




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