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Looking for love between the covers?

The covers of a good book, that is! Look no further than Milwaukee Public Library. Whether you want to laugh at another's messy foibles as they search for love or live vicariously through their sexcapades, we've got a book for you to check out and enjoy today.


The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion is a fast-paced and often hilarious comedy--even though the ending was a little predictable, it sure was fun to get there. It often feels like the first person narrator (Don Tillman, a genetics researcher who has Asperger's syndrome) is channeling Sheldon from "The Big Bang Theory". But as his unexpected romance with Rosie unfolds, it's fun to discover some unsuspected facets to his character that even he hadn't realized were there.

Chris at Bay View and Tippecanoe
Also reviewed here by Jacki.


Bared to You by Sylvia Day, the first book in the Crossfire Series is sure to satiate those craving something steamy. When Eva meets super sexy and mega rich Gideon Cross, she falls for him almost immediately. They find themselves together during nearly all their free moments; the details of their encounters are explicitly spelled out, so you can rest your imagination for a spell. The story continues in Reflected in You and Entwined with You.

Jacki @ Central


Hear about the best books 2013 has to offer. Suggestions made by librarians Tom Olson and Jacki Potratz will make holiday gift-giving a breeze. This is your chance to ask questions before you buy. Many genres, as well as children's and young adult recommendations, will be presented. All books on display will be available for checkout. Preview the titles on our Give Books! 2013 Pinterest board.

Jacki @ Central

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion


Meet Don Tillman: "I am thirty-nine years old, tall, fit, and intelligent, with a relatively high status and above-average income as an associate professor of genetics...In the animal kingdom, I would succeed in reproducing." He is analytical, logical and often doesn't respond to others with the expected social response. He lives with a rigid time-maximizing schedule, even creating a Standardized Meal System, which means eating the same seven dishes in the same rotation each week to cut down on cooking and shopping time.

He has two friends, Gene (a fellow professor) and his wife, Claudia. Both spend a lot of time advising him on relationships and sometimes set him up on dates. The problem, is that his lack of social skills ruins things every time; he doesn't even realize women are flirting with him. Then he decides to come up with a questionnaire to scientifically find his ideal mate and quickly filter out unsuitable candidates (drinkers, smokers, late arrivers). This is the beginning of the Wife Project. Of course, things don't go as planned and while struggling to meet 'the one' he runs into Rosie. She smokes, she drinks (sometimes, a lot), dresses flamboyantly and can be irrational. She is also fiery and quite intelligent, so when she tells Don she doesn't know who her biological father is, his geneticist curiosity drives him to help her find out the truth.

Next thing Don knows, his carefully scheduled life is flipped upside down as he embarks on The Rosie Project and tries to assimilate to Rosie's carefree and spontaneous ways. Can he admit he kind of likes this person? Nope. At least, not right away and not easily.

The Rosie Project is a poignant, funny novel that is a breeze and delight to read. You will root for Don and Rosie and may be reminded of the protagonist from Haddon's The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time as well as The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon and Penny.

Jacki @ Central

Whatcha Readin'@Central Library


Ever wonder what the library staff are reading? Here's a snapshot of what's currently being read by workers at Central:

Laura P is reading The Summer Queen by Joan D. Vinge


Hilary E is reading Swimming Studies by Leanne Shapton

Christine O is reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

John S is reading Deity, Mantra, and Wisdom: Development Stage Meditation in Tibetan Buddhist Tantra by Jigme Lingpa, Patrul Rinpoche, and Getse Mahapandita

Allie S is reading Visa for Avalon by Bryher

Leslie F is reading An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon and listening to The Orphan Master's Son by Adam Johnson


Gail B is reading Disturbance by Jan Burke

Tom O is reading Dear Life: Stories by Alice Munro

Tom F is reading I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp: An Autobiography by Richard Hell

Mary M is reading Amazing Things Will Happen: A Real-World Guide on Achieving Success and Happiness by C.C. Chapman


Victoria S is reading The College Solution: A Guide for Everyone Looking for the Right School at the Right Price by Lynn O'Shaughnessy

Kelly K is reading Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Manuel C is reading Blue-Blooded Vamp by Jaye Wells

Jim B is reading The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Joanne B is reading Gone to Soldiers by Marge Piercy

Emily K is reading Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West by Stephen E. Ambrose

Pam H is reading Dance of the Gods by Nora Roberts

Roxanne S is reading The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

Chris M is reading Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich (a forthcoming title, July 2013)


Kathy B is reading Anjum's Eat Right for Your Body Type: The Super-Healthy Detox Diet Inspired by Ayurveda by Anjum Anand

Watch for future lists of what the staff at the branch locations are reading!

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins


Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins - Lola should be an inspiration to young fashion designers that think big and accomplish what they put their mind to! Lola is a seventeen-year-old that knows what she wants, or so she thinks. Her fathers do not quite approve of her latest flame, but she believes she has found her soul mate, who is an older fellow in a punk band. What makes her unique is her wardrobe. She vows NEVER to wear the same outfit twice and each outfit is chosen carefully to make a daily statement.

If you like chick-lit this will keep you turning the pages. Lola is on top of the world until her old neighbors move back into the lavender Victorian next door to her. Will the twins remember her and forget Lola's past mistakes? She can only hope that Cricket, her first love, will leave her alone and his sister Calliope will not be so sinister to her this time. A stitch in time saves nine may be the healing factor in Stephanie Perkins latest novel!

Katharina, Central Library Children's Room

Anyone But You by Jennifer Crusie

anyonechick.jpg In Anyone But You, recently divorced and forty years old, Nina Askew struggles to make sense of her new single life and career. She's settling in to her one bedroom apartment and is slowly working up the ladder in the publishing world. She decides to get a cute little puppy to liven up her life. However, she comes home from the dog pound with Fred, a depressed basset hound that was on death row. With her best friend's help and encouragement, Nina starts dating, but does not find anyone she's interested in. In the meantime, she passes evenings watching old movies with her neighbor Alex - a younger emergency room doctor. Both love being friends and both are unsure what to do next. Their relationship becomes complicated when Alex starts dating other women and Nina's ex-husband arrives to take her back home.

Valerie @ MPL Central

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater


In The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater, Blue Sargent and her psychic mother are sitting through their annual watch on St. Mark's Eve. Her mother is waiting to "see" the spirits pass through the church yard of people who will die in the upcoming twelve months. Something unique happens this year, Blue actually feels a particular spirit for a young man named Gansey, who seems to be one of the "Raven Boys", a nickname used for young men who attend the local Aglionby Academy. Her aunt tells her there are only two reasons a non-seer would see a spirit on St. Mark's Eve - either you're his true love or you killed him. This has Blue in an upheaval.

Soon after this watch the mysterious Gansey makes an appointment to have a psychic reading at Blue's house. Their worlds collide. Gansey and his circle of friends, Adam, Ronan, and Noah join forces with Blue to discover the mystery behind the story of Owain Glendower, a medieval Welsh noble. Gansey will stop at nothing to find him and believes the countryside around Henrietta, Virginia is his final resting place. Murder and intrigue weave through this story to unveil a few shocking plot twists that will have readers clamoring for the next volume!

Katharina, Central Library Children's Room




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