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Ever since Billie's father was murdered when she was eight years old, she's worked tirelessly to find the man responsible and bring him to justice. Philadelphia: Street Justice is the story of her mission to clear the streets of lawbreakers.

She's not afraid to take matters into her own hands if necessary; sometimes the legal way of doing things just doesn't cut it. Her boyfriend, Walter, is a detective in the Philadelphia police department and they're pegged as a power couple...but if someone finds out about Billie's secret, their lives will change forever.

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In Real Wifeys Hustle Hard Sophie "Suga" Alvarez (childhood friend of Luscious from Real Wifeys Get Money and with a surprising connection to Goldie from Real Wifeys On the Grind) is a fierce female committed to her loved ones and making as much cash as possible. Suga and her fiance Dane live life via a delicate balance of legit and illegal operations in Newark, New Jersey. Dane is one of the best loan sharks in the area and pulls in a lot of paper, which Suga enjoys, but she won't marry him until he shows her that he's serious about leaving the hustle behind.

Amid uninhibited sex, graphic violence and a lot of profanity, readers will cheer for Suga to rise above the fray as she encounters slippery associates and co-workers, barely escapes the law and realizes how much betrayal her life depends on.

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Urban Fiction


The California Saga by Chunichi

Michael Burroughs leaves L.A. and heads to Virginia Beach where his high grade product is quickly picked up all over the East Coast. He becomes known as the California Connection, or Calico, for short. Of course, he's also suave with the ladies and knows how to get what he wants from them, so when he meets Jewel, it doesn't take long for things to heat up and get out of control. Eventually his true nature is revealed and Jewel knows exactly how to get revenge.

She takes over the streets and starts making money hand over fist. Problem is, she's not interested in sharing this empire with anyone else. When Operation California Connection, an investigation run by the feds, starts closing in on her, she realizes things may be over all too soon.

When all is said and done, Jewel is left with a man on the run and a pending federal case to deal with. But she's only concerned about one thing--giving her unborn child the best possible life, one without drugs and lies. She puts her street savvy to work and attempts to gain back all that she's lost.

Revenge. Retaliation. Snitching. Money. Power. That's the California Saga.

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internationally known.jpeg

Internationally Known is a sequel to New York's Finest. The story continues with Naomi and Damian fleeing from the Mexican cartel. On the lam in Memphis, they find out that Reggie, Naomi's brother, is being held hostage on account of the high potency cocaine scam Naomi was running. They end up heading back to New York to team up with Foxx, Naomi's father, because he's seen it all when it comes to drug wars and they know he'll help. He comes up with a pretty involved plan which adds a spy movie-like twist. The story shifts between Naomi and Damian's points of view and we find out just how afraid and anxious they are about the Mexican mob and finding the five million they need to get Reggie back. They look to each other for distraction and Naomi is pleased when Damian promises he'll do anything, even die, to protect her. But when she feels her family is threatened she becomes one heck of a fierce mama bear.

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Urban Fiction

Guard the Throne by Nisa Santiago


Spoiled 'like left out milk,' Citi Byrne is the sixteen-year-old daughter of a Queens drug kingpin. She's got a pit bull attitude, and is already a veteran of smoking and having sex. But after she finds her father dead, body shot through with multiple bullet wounds, her privileged life starts to destruct.

She's compelled to 'guard the throne' of her fathers empire, but finds herself sleeping with the enemy. Can she continue to face the brutal violence and cold-hearted betrayal of this new life?

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2012 Urban Fiction


Animal by K'wan
Given their author's unmatched ear for street talk and talent for bringing gritty characters to life, K'wan's "Hood Rat" stories make up one of the best series in urban fiction. His latest plot will draw readers into an intricate web of deceit. (The Word on Street Lit, 10/23/12)


An Angry-Ass Black Woman by Karen E. Quinones Miller
Miller expounds on racism, crime, drug use, poverty, spousal abuse, and pedophiles preying on young black girls--exactly what street lit is all about. (The Word on Street Lit, 7/18/12)


Natural Born Liar: The Misadventures of Mink LaRue by Noire
Noire knows all about street slang, scams, strip clubs,and wild sex bouts, but she also has created wonderfully realistic characters who are bold, fierce, and wide open. (The Word on Street Lit, 5/18/12)


Low Down and Dirty by Vickie M Stringer
Raven Gomez is the perfect street lit antiheroine: a lying, thieving, backstabbing, cold-blooded, selfish, heartless, scandalous bitch. Her adventures make a terrific read. (The Word on Street Lit, 3/13/12)


A Gangster and a Gentleman by Kiki Swinson & De'nesha Diamond
Two major urban fiction talents contribute novellas loaded with street-lit cred and plenty of furious action that will have readers pumping their fists and demanding more. (The Word on Street Lit, 8/13/12)

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Zane @ MPL Sept. 12

Z-Rated: Chocolate Flava III is the third installment in Zane's bestselling anthology series. It features short stories from twenty-six masters of the genre who were selected and edited by Zane for the collection.

In Zander's Come See a Man About a Horse, a man planning a wedding with his fiancée, meets the object of his desire from the internet. Zander is Zane's son and a talented writer in his own right. In Swirl by N'Tyse, a cyber porn addict visits a nightclub and finds herself engaged in a ménage à trois. In the final story, Zane presents Mea Culpa, where a woman finds the sexy boyfriend of her best friend completely irresistible as he cleans the kitchen.

Edgy, adventurous and brimming with desire, the stories in Z-Rated are a smorgasbord of lovers, trysts and liaisons. Fast paced plot-lines take the reader on a sexy romp that both tantalizes and satisfies.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at 6:30 p.m., bestselling author Zane will be at Centennial Hall to talk about her latest book, Z-Rated: Chocolate Flava III. Doors will open at 6 p.m. Book sales and signing will follow the program. Sponsored by Boswell Book Company.

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