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June 10, 2013

Urban Fiction


Ever since Billie's father was murdered when she was eight years old, she's worked tirelessly to find the man responsible and bring him to justice. Philadelphia: Street Justice is the story of her mission to clear the streets of lawbreakers.

She's not afraid to take matters into her own hands if necessary; sometimes the legal way of doing things just doesn't cut it. Her boyfriend, Walter, is a detective in the Philadelphia police department and they're pegged as a power couple...but if someone finds out about Billie's secret, their lives will change forever.

Jacki @ Central

May 13, 2013

Urban Fiction


In Real Wifeys Hustle Hard Sophie "Suga" Alvarez (childhood friend of Luscious from Real Wifeys Get Money and with a surprising connection to Goldie from Real Wifeys On the Grind) is a fierce female committed to her loved ones and making as much cash as possible. Suga and her fiance Dane live life via a delicate balance of legit and illegal operations in Newark, New Jersey. Dane is one of the best loan sharks in the area and pulls in a lot of paper, which Suga enjoys, but she won't marry him until he shows her that he's serious about leaving the hustle behind.

Amid uninhibited sex, graphic violence and a lot of profanity, readers will cheer for Suga to rise above the fray as she encounters slippery associates and co-workers, barely escapes the law and realizes how much betrayal her life depends on.

Jacki @ Central

April 8, 2013

Urban Fiction


The California Saga by Chunichi

Michael Burroughs leaves L.A. and heads to Virginia Beach where his high grade product is quickly picked up all over the East Coast. He becomes known as the California Connection, or Calico, for short. Of course, he's also suave with the ladies and knows how to get what he wants from them, so when he meets Jewel, it doesn't take long for things to heat up and get out of control. Eventually his true nature is revealed and Jewel knows exactly how to get revenge.

She takes over the streets and starts making money hand over fist. Problem is, she's not interested in sharing this empire with anyone else. When Operation California Connection, an investigation run by the feds, starts closing in on her, she realizes things may be over all too soon.

When all is said and done, Jewel is left with a man on the run and a pending federal case to deal with. But she's only concerned about one thing--giving her unborn child the best possible life, one without drugs and lies. She puts her street savvy to work and attempts to gain back all that she's lost.

Revenge. Retaliation. Snitching. Money. Power. That's the California Saga.

Jacki @ Central

March 11, 2013

Urban Fiction

internationally known.jpeg

Internationally Known is a sequel to New York's Finest. The story continues with Naomi and Damian fleeing from the Mexican cartel. On the lam in Memphis, they find out that Reggie, Naomi's brother, is being held hostage on account of the high potency cocaine scam Naomi was running. They end up heading back to New York to team up with Foxx, Naomi's father, because he's seen it all when it comes to drug wars and they know he'll help. He comes up with a pretty involved plan which adds a spy movie-like twist. The story shifts between Naomi and Damian's points of view and we find out just how afraid and anxious they are about the Mexican mob and finding the five million they need to get Reggie back. They look to each other for distraction and Naomi is pleased when Damian promises he'll do anything, even die, to protect her. But when she feels her family is threatened she becomes one heck of a fierce mama bear.

Jacki @ Central

February 11, 2013

Urban Fiction

Guard the Throne by Nisa Santiago


Spoiled 'like left out milk,' Citi Byrne is the sixteen-year-old daughter of a Queens drug kingpin. She's got a pit bull attitude, and is already a veteran of smoking and having sex. But after she finds her father dead, body shot through with multiple bullet wounds, her privileged life starts to destruct.

She's compelled to 'guard the throne' of her fathers empire, but finds herself sleeping with the enemy. Can she continue to face the brutal violence and cold-hearted betrayal of this new life?

Jacki @ Central

December 12, 2012

2012 Urban Fiction


Animal by K'wan
Given their author's unmatched ear for street talk and talent for bringing gritty characters to life, K'wan's "Hood Rat" stories make up one of the best series in urban fiction. His latest plot will draw readers into an intricate web of deceit. (The Word on Street Lit, 10/23/12)


An Angry-Ass Black Woman by Karen E. Quinones Miller
Miller expounds on racism, crime, drug use, poverty, spousal abuse, and pedophiles preying on young black girls--exactly what street lit is all about. (The Word on Street Lit, 7/18/12)


Natural Born Liar: The Misadventures of Mink LaRue by Noire
Noire knows all about street slang, scams, strip clubs,and wild sex bouts, but she also has created wonderfully realistic characters who are bold, fierce, and wide open. (The Word on Street Lit, 5/18/12)


Low Down and Dirty by Vickie M Stringer
Raven Gomez is the perfect street lit antiheroine: a lying, thieving, backstabbing, cold-blooded, selfish, heartless, scandalous bitch. Her adventures make a terrific read. (The Word on Street Lit, 3/13/12)


A Gangster and a Gentleman by Kiki Swinson & De'nesha Diamond
Two major urban fiction talents contribute novellas loaded with street-lit cred and plenty of furious action that will have readers pumping their fists and demanding more. (The Word on Street Lit, 8/13/12)

Jacki @ Central

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August 30, 2012

Zane @ MPL Sept. 12

Z-Rated: Chocolate Flava III is the third installment in Zane's bestselling anthology series. It features short stories from twenty-six masters of the genre who were selected and edited by Zane for the collection.

In Zander's Come See a Man About a Horse, a man planning a wedding with his fiancée, meets the object of his desire from the internet. Zander is Zane's son and a talented writer in his own right. In Swirl by N'Tyse, a cyber porn addict visits a nightclub and finds herself engaged in a ménage à trois. In the final story, Zane presents Mea Culpa, where a woman finds the sexy boyfriend of her best friend completely irresistible as he cleans the kitchen.

Edgy, adventurous and brimming with desire, the stories in Z-Rated are a smorgasbord of lovers, trysts and liaisons. Fast paced plot-lines take the reader on a sexy romp that both tantalizes and satisfies.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at 6:30 p.m., bestselling author Zane will be at Centennial Hall to talk about her latest book, Z-Rated: Chocolate Flava III. Doors will open at 6 p.m. Book sales and signing will follow the program. Sponsored by Boswell Book Company.

Jacki @ Central

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November 28, 2011

Urban Fiction--Best of 2011

hearbreak.jpg streetsoldier.jpg eviction.jpg

Heartbreak of a Hustler's Wife by Nikki Turner
Corporate attorney Yarni Taylor has her hands full when someone tries to kill her husband Des and Desember Day, the eighteen-year-old daughter Des never knew he had, shows up at their door.

Street Soldier by Silhouettes
Seventeen-year-old Jamal "Prince" Perkins, a self-proclaimed street soldier, is determined to prove that he is not the father of four babies on the way while planning to get deadly revenge against his algebra teacher Ms. Macklin who spurned his advances.

Eviction Notice by K'wan
While Porsha, Frankie and Sahara try to avoid eviction and get caught up in a crime war, police search for a killer known as The Animal, and The Animal's lover, Gucci, tries to put her life back together.

Submitted by Jacki @ MPL Central

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July 7, 2011

The Kid by Sapphire


Sapphire is known to a wide audience due to her successful debut novel, Push, which was adapted into the Oscar-winning movie Precious. Now she has written a sequel, The Kid, which begins with the death of Precious and follows the life of her son Jamal Abdul Louis Jones into his teens. Jamal is tossed into the foster home system and is mocked and beaten until finally being sent to the St. Ailanthus School for Boys. There the priests take advantage of him sexually and he is eventually thrown out because he in turn abuses a couple of boys at the school. Caught alone in the world, he grows frustrated and angry. Sapphire was interviewed at New York Public Library's Harlem branch. Below is the video of the interview that accompanies the story from USA Today.

Submitted by Jacki @ MPL Central

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April 16, 2011

Sister Souljah is back!


Bestselling author of The Coldest Winter Ever and Midnight, Sister Souljah is back with another gripping story. In Midnight and the Meaning of Love she shares an adventure about deep, young love. Midnight is a smart, fierce fighter and Ninjutsu-trained ninja warrior. Although he attracts attention wherever he goes, he is oblivious to it all--focusing instead on his mother, sister and regaining the family's fortunes. He is also a devout Muslim and after marrying a sixteen-year-old girl from Japan, Akemi, their life is turned upside down when she is kidnapped by her father and taken back to Japan. Midnight sets out to bring her back and must travel across three countries and experience several cultures to defeat his opponent. What he sees and encounters changes him forever; temptations, risks and love.

Submitted by Jacki @ MPL Central

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November 8, 2010

Behind You By Jacqueline Woodson

woodson.jpg Jacqueline_Woodson.jpg

Behind You is a stand alone sequel to Woodson's If You Come Softly.

Jeremiah (nicknamed Miah), who is African American, is mistakenly killed by police. Miah's girlfriend Ellie, his divorced parents, his friends Carlton, Kennedy, Nelia and others who knew Miah are all faced with how to go on living after the tragic death of Jeremiah, but they still feel his presence. "And the wind starts blowing soft and high as a song." "You ain't all gone, are you, Miah?" The story gently takes the reader through the difficulties of grieving and letting go for everyone who knew Jeremiah.

Woodson poetically and gently alternates the voices of family and friends with the touching spiritual voice of Miah who remembers the life he left behind as he begins his journey into a new world, but "it's not easy to let go." "When you die, your voice becomes the wind and whispers to the living." "Who knew a surprising cool breeze was someone who had gone before you, saying. "You're loved."

Submitted by Sue @ Tippecanoe

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November 4, 2010

Denim Diaries by Darrien Lee

In this series each book ends with a cliff hanger drawing the reader into the next book. The subjects of drugs, peer pressure, teen pregnancy, gangs and gun violence are treated in a matter of fact, up-to-date manner. While this series may appeal to readers of African American Urban Fiction, the author avoids the excessive profanity and graphic violence usually associated with the genre. Denim Diaries books are faith-based, but not heavy handed. The story diverges to include Denim's friends, yet always comes backs to Denim Mitchell reflecting on feelings and events in her diary. Though some issue is always left unresolved to be picked up in another volume, each story is developed enough to allow reading the books independently, or out of sequence.

16 21.jpg

Denim Diaries #1: Sixteen Going on Twenty-one
Denim and Dre are in love. Dre's father is involved in "running numbers" - illegal gambling. Denim's parents don't approve of Dre's family business, and want Denim to go to college. Dre and his entire family disappear. Is Dre's disappearance connected to the death of gangster Lil' Carl, or the shots fired at a party that opens the story?

grown 60.jpg

Denim Diaries #2: Grown in 60 Seconds
Tthe story from Sixteen Going on Twenty-one continues. Will we find out why Dre's family has gone into hiding, or if Lil' Carl's murder is related to Dre's disappearance? Will Denim and Dre be reunited? Will Denim's estranged friend Patrice live through her complicated pregnancy? Will Denim forgive Patrice for getting pregnant, ruining their plan to attend college together? Read it to find out.

queen of the yard.jpg

Denim Diaries #3: Queen of the Yard
This book brings the return of Brianna. Brianna Baxter, AKA Patience, briefly introduced in Grown in Sixty Seconds, is the statuesque honor student and the leader of the gang BGR - Brown Girls Rule. Patience and Denim become friends, when Denim alerts Patience that she overheard girl gang members plotting to assassinate her. Will Patience/Brianna be able to shut down the BGR as she plans to? Will she lose her life, or make her way out of the "hood"?

Continue reading the series with #4 Broken Promises, and, coming later this November is #5, Raising Kane.

Submitted by Deb H @ Bay View

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September 22, 2010

Street Lit Queens--Deja King and Miasha

Trife.jpg Chaser.jpg

In Trife Life to Lavish: Genesis & Genevieve Nichelle is on her way to becoming a top model. Genesis mourns his murdered wife but finds comfort in the arms of CoCo, another centerfold-worthy babe with her own agenda. Greed drives everyone, but the secret is Nichelle is not who she claims to be.

Chaser introduces us to Leah. She's fed up with her boyfriend Kenny's schemes, embarks on an affair with Nasir, a towing company owner's son and Kenny's chaser, and convinces him to go into business with her, which creates enemies on both sides of the law.

Submitted by Tiffany G. @ King

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September 16, 2009

Alibi by Teri Woods


Two men plan to rob the stash house of Simon Shuller, one of Philadelphia's most notorious drug lords. But things go awry when one of Shuller's men catches them as they break in. Trouble continues to brew when they try to force Poncho, one of Shuller's workers, to show them where the goods are. But Poncho's partner is on the scene and armed, which leads to trouble. Only one man is left standing and he cleans up shop and makes a getaway, but not without being spotted by neighbors. Will the witnesses give up his identity? He needs a credible alibi because if he doesn't come up with one quick, it could mean life in prison or death on the streets. Check catalog for availability.

Submitted by Jacki @ MPL Central

May 20, 2009

Hold Love Strong by Matthew Aaron Goodman


This glance at survival in the projects as a family fights with the demons of incarceration, drug addiction and death is one of the most powerful coming-of-age stories I’ve read.

Abraham is born on the bathroom floor of his grandmother’s apartment to a 13 year old girl in the Ever Park project. As he grows older, he dreams of living like the Huxtables, with a father like Bill Cosby. But, his reality is a mother turned crack addict and an uncle sent to prison. His grandmother does everything she can to keep the family together, but when Abraham’s cousin Donnel also goes to prison he’s ready to give up.

His girlfriend, Kaya, is determined to go to college and get out of the projects, but until Abraham is contacted by a recruiter from Brandeis he doesn’t think that possibility is open to him. Hoping for a scholarship, he’s encouraged and stays in school, successfully graduating. Check catalog for availability.

Submitted by Jacki @ MPL Central

March 22, 2009

Where There's Smoke by Terra Little


Anne, a single recovering mom, has been free of drugs and alcohol for nearly twenty years. However, she finds out that her sixteen year old son, Isaiah, is starting to experiment with drugs. She doesn’t want to see him fall into the same traps that she did so she contacts his father to take on the challenge of turning him around before it’s too late.

This urban fiction novel is better written than others that I’ve read and the characters really appealed to me too. The mom is so determined, the son starting to spiral down a dangerous slope, the father has learned from his past mistakes…it all adds up to a story of how love, and especially family, can overcome the negative influences so prevalent in street life. Check catalog for availability.


September 29, 2008

Urban Fiction: Quick Picks

%24%24.jpg gutter.jpg money1.jpg

Dirty Money by Ashley JaQuavis
Driven by revenge and a thirst for the finer things in life, Anari and her best friend Tanya quickly rise to the top of New Jersey's dope game, using everyone in their path and stopping at nothing--even murder--to get what they want. Check the catalog for availability.

Gutter by K'wan
In this sequel to Gangsta, after Lou-loc's brutal murder, his best friend, Gutter, vows to seek revenge on the entire Blood faction in New York City. Check the catalog for availability.

Get Money Chicks by Anna J.
When tragedy strikes, Mina, who uses sex to get what she wants, questions her morality and fast money lifestyle, which causes a rift between her and her best friends Shanna and Karen. Check the catalog for availability.

August 11, 2008

Urban Fiction: The Sequels

Shameless Hoodwives by Meesha Mink and De'nesha Diamond is the second installment in the "Hoodwives" series (after Desperate Hoodwives.) Miz Cleo and Osceola return to bequeath more wisdom on the young women of the Bentley Manor housing project. Check the catalog for availability.

hood.gif maryb.gif mia.gif
Who’s Loving You by Mary B. Morrison is the follow-up to Sweeter Than Honey and tells the story of one woman’s journey to reclaim her lost lover and her lost self-love. Zane readers won’t be disappointed; the steamy, erotic scenes may not be for those with more conservative tastes. Check the catalog for availability.

Never Enough by Miasha is effectively a sequel to the best-selling Secret Society and continues transgendered Celess’s tumultuous life story. Check the catalog for availability.

July 7, 2008

Urban Fiction: Keeping It Real

Fiction has its advantages over reality, especially for people who don’t get to take the 9 to 5 route. In his famous essay, “The Soul of Black Folk”, WEB Dubois spoke of a “veil” which separates the African American community from the outside world. People of color who live in the megalopolis often have lives replete with danger, and their journeys involve a subtext:

Drama is danger mixed with opportunity.

By extension, many faithful readers might be unaware of experience grounded in inner-city life. Urban fiction is the most-requested and much-loved literary genre at King Library, creating a significant new audience for books. It has registered impressive national sales ($$$$ millions), catching the attention of the publishing industry. Previously sold as typewritten photocopies on street corners, these stories now appear in slick paperback. The tone is usually dark, focusing on urban variations of an underside, with occasional explicit sex and violence. The chatter may include George Carlin’s seven dirty words, and the plots are in your face—nothing gets watered down. Check out one of these page turnas:

Sister Souljah The Coldest Winter Ever
The mother of street lit, Sister Souljah (aka Lisa Williamson) sold this novel out of the trunk of her car. After the novel found a major publisher as a result of the buzz it created, it was praised by the The New Yorker. Vibe Magazine recently reported that Jada Pinkett Smith is executive-producer of a film-in-development based on this book. Check catalog for availability.

Vickie Stringer Dirty Red
Having tricked her boyfriend into believing she is pregnant, eighteen-year-old Red enjoys his lavish attentions until she becomes pregnant for real by an ex-boyfriend who is in jail, a situation that leads her into home ownership and a successful new career. By the author of Imagine This and founder of Triple Crown Publications. Check catalog for availability.

Street Love: A Triple Crown Anthology
A sampler pack of urban fiction by African American authors featuring themes like sacrifice, race, survival, and the importance of family. The fifth story, “Allure of the Game", is so beautifully executed it feels like a play-by-play done in real time. Check catalog for availability.

Submitted by Jane @ Martin Luther King Library

June 21, 2008

Urban Fiction

During the 1970s Donald Goines and Iceberg Slim delivered ‘Urban Fiction’ to readers. Sister Souljah’s Coldest Winter Ever in 1999 and Teri Woods True to the Game strengthened the genre and attracted female readers and writers to what had been a male dominated field. Souljah is unapologetic in tone and honestly depicts the realities of her protagonist. Wood is a star at writing fast-paced stories and has many worthy contemporaries including Vicki Stringer, founder of Triple Crown Publications.

Triple Crown is arguably the most prolific publisher of Urban Fiction, representing writers like Nikki Turner, Keisha Ervin and Tracy Brown, however, the genre keeps growing and here are a few titles hitting MPL’s shelves this summer that you won’t want to miss:

Payback with Ya Life by Wahida Clark
Pregnant by the married Forever, Shan is desperate to start a new life for herself and her baby. She leaves Memphis for Detroit, but the street drama follows her as the now-incarcerated Forever is transferred to a facility in Motor City, and her brother, Peanut, is set on revenge against the thugs who did him wrong. Wires and women are crossed in a storm of action wherein many pay the game back with their lives. Check catalog for availability.

Twisted by Tracy Brown
In a desperate effort to escape her drama-filled life (recounted in Dime Piece), Celeste burns down her Brooklyn, NY, salon and moves to Atlanta. However, tranquility doesn’t last long because Celeste’s lover—a very married drug kingpin named Rah-lo—tracks her down. On his heels is Asia, his scorned, estranged wife. As old characters enter Celeste’s new life, things get really twisted. Check catalog for availability.

Street Vengeance by Evie Rhodes
Eighteen-year-old Brandi Hutchinson is a nice girl with a bright academic future, but her family can’t afford to send her to college. This disappointment—along with the trauma of witnessing her best friend's being beaten into paralysis by police following a rap concert—ignites Brandi’s vengeful side as she heads her own street posse, which gains a reputation for highly organized ruthlessness. But a rival girl gang lead by "Left Eye" challenges Brandi’s status in the hood. At the same time, Ajani enters Brandi’s life, except he’s not the love she thinks he is. At the height of a gang war between the two factions, the murder of a loved one leads Brandi to a change of heart and down a new path. Check catalog for availability.

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