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New Digital Collection @ MPL

MPL's latest digital collection is here! This new addition includes records from the library's Milwaukee Road Archives. The Milwaukee Road was also known as the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad, a line that formed in 1850 and was acquired by the Soo Line Railroad in 1985.milwaukee road.pngWhile the Milwaukee Road Archives contains corporate records, photographs, and drawings related to the railroad, the new digital collection offers information about its small collection of employee records.

In this initial stage, the digital collection includes indexes to the selection of employee records that are part of the physical Milwaukee Road Archives. The records themselves come from nine different collections of employee records. The dates covered by these collections range from 1817 through 1985.

While the records are by no means a comprehensive listing of every employee who ever worked for the Milwaukee Road, this digital collection is a great resource for researchers, historians, hobbyists and family genealogists with an interest in the railroad.

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