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Jacki Potratz is the fiction selector for the Milwaukee Public Library. Recently she was a featured guest of UWM's Lake Effect radio program. She discussed The Milwaukee Book Festival which runs from Oct. 9th through October 19th, and the Central Library's hosting of a vampire-themed discussion on Tuesday Oct. 13th. She further discussed this month's reading suggestions on historical fiction.

Click on the audio link above to hear the discussion.

A Novel Idea

The Senator's Wife: A Novel by Sue Miller
Two unconventional women, neighbors in adjacent New England townhouses--Meri Fowler, pregnant, newly married, and discovering the gap between reality and expectation, and Delia Naughton, wife of a notoriously unfaithful liberal senator--confront the costs and challenges of love.

A Novel Idea

Run: A Novel by Ann Patchett


What makes a family? Think your family has secrets? In this novel, which spans 24 hours see how choices made in seconds can affect others for a lifetime. Former mayor of Boston, Bernard Doyle has 3 sons; Sullivan, 33, and African American Tip, 21, and Teddy, 20, brothers adopted 20 years earlier. On a snowy night Tip is pushed out of the way of an oncoming SUV by a woman who is hit and severely injured. She is the boys' birth mother and, along with her 11-year-old daughter Kenya has been watching the boys for years. Become part of their lives as the story progresses and issues of race, religion and duty are explored.



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