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June is National Dairy Month!

We live in America's Dairyland and we are often referred to as Cheeseheads, so why not celebrate National Dairy Month with a tribute to our State's great dairy product--CHEESE!

Cheeses of WI

Our cheese-making history goes back to 1841 and Mrs. Anne Pickett who started the very first Wisconsin cottage industry cheese factory using milk from neighbors' cows. Today, Wisconsin produces over 600 varieties of cheese and the cheese made here wins more awards than any other state or country.

MPL has many great resources to expand your cheese knowledge! For starters, you can check out the book pictured above or watch the DVD, Living on the Wedge: Wisconsin's Artisan Cheesemakers.

For more information about Wisconsin cheese, take a look at, the Web site of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

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