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Language of Conservation @ MPL

MPL and the Milwaukee County Zoo have been selected by the national literary center Poets House to take part in their Language of Conservation program. The initiative's goal is to deepen public awareness of environmental issues through poetry, and is supported by a $1 million grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, promoted by the American Library Association.

This partnership between poetry and conservation began at the Central Park Zoo in New York City, when poetry was successfully incorporated into the wildlife exhibits. Conservationists found that poetry installations made zoo visitors more aware of the impact humans have on ecosystems.


Poet Pattiann Rogers will visit MPL on Thursday, September 24 at
6:00 p.m. to read some of the poems being considered for installation at the Zoo. Library Director Paula Kiely and Zoo Director Charles Wikenhauser will also talk about the project at this event to be held in Centennial Hall, 733 N. 8th St.

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