There's no such thing as free money...

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But if there were, you could find it in the new Grant Resources section of the Milwaukee Public Library's Web site. You can get to it by going to Research Resources, then clicking on the Recommended Links option, from there you can navigate to "Grant Resources".


Whether you're looking for funding to start a new business, or you're thinking of starting a non-profit group, you should check out our Grants Resources to see what resources are available to you on the web. We have done the hard work for you by bringing these sites together and providing a short description of them.

The Grants Resources section contains information on Federal grants, on state grants; it also includes links to websites that will help you put your proposal together. There is more grants information available in print as well. If you are interested in those additional resources, be sure to check them out at the Business, Science, and Technology desk at the Central Library.

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Hello! I know this comment is 'off topic' but I'm excited by the library's new blog! What a great concept. Good luck, I'll be stopping by often! Great info.


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