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Mock Newbery Caldecott Awards Program

Unfortunately, our Mock Newbery Caldecott Awards Program was cancelled due to the weather.


Our children’s librarians still want to get the word out on the best books of 2007. We’ll be posting our comments here so be sure to check back often for a look at all the good books you might have missed. Feel free to add your comments as well if you’ve read a great children’s book this year that you can’t wait to talk about.


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Lynn Smith:

Who can resist a title like "Middle School Is Worse Than Meatloaf"?(by Jennifer Holm) Well I thought I could. All the little pictues and cutesy notes kind of turned me off. However when I finally read it,I was pleasantly surprised. All those pictues and notes WERE the story. In the same way that the pictures in "The Invention Hugo Cabret" extended and told the story, so too did the bulletin boards and shopping lists and instant messages in this book. Of course I should have known that as the subtitle is "A Year Told Through Stuff". It was fun, it was clever, it'll be an easy sell.

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