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In honor of the snow we have been experiencing in Milwaukee over the past week or so, here are some quick weather facts from the Ready Reference Quick Fact File. These should help us feel a little better about the weather we have been having this December.

(Weather map from December 2, 2007 showing accumulation of snow across the country. Source: NOAA Weather Maps)

Coldest day:
The record low temperature for Milwaukee was set on January 17, 1982 at negative 26 degrees F. This mark was tied on February 3, 1996. (Source: National Weather Service)

Hottest day:
The record high temperature for Milwaukee was set on July 24, 1934 at 105 degrees F. (Source: National Weather Service)

Records for snow:
Maximum snowfall in a 24 hour period: 20.3 inches on February 4th – 5th, 1924.
Largest single snowstorm: 26.0 inches from February 19th – 21st, 1898.
Maximum snowfall in a single month: 52.6 inches in January, 1918.
Maximum total winter snowfall: 109.8 inches in 1885/1886.
Maximum measured depth of snow: 33 inches on January 27th, 1979. (Source: Extreme Weather by Christopher Burt, 2004, 551.5 B973)

Record for wind chill:
The record wind-chill was set on January 10, 1982 at negative 83 degrees F. (Source: National Weather Service)

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