Is Money from the Government Coming Your Way?

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On February 13, President Bush signed the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, which will give a total of $152 billion to millions of Americans.

Starting in May, the U.S. Treasury will begin sending economic stimulus payments to more than 130 million American individuals/households. To receive the payment, a 2007 income tax return must be filed - from which payments will automatically be issued to qualifying filers. Payment amounts will be based on 2007 income tax returns or information provided by Social Security Administration, Veterans Administration and/or Railroad Retirement administrators. (from the IRS Website)

For more information about these payments, see the General Information and Frequently Asked Questions sections of the IRS Website.

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I have been on Social security since 1993.Someone told me that I am eligible for 1,200 dollars because i am married. Then someone said it is for only people who have paid taxes, is that right if so I do not think that is fare.I have been diabled all my life,it was a struggle for me to be able to get disability. I was born with missing fingers so if that is not a disiability I do not now what is. Sincerly Bonnie

In order to be eligible for the economic stimulus payments, taxes must be filed for 2007, even if you don't normally file them. The IRS website does a great job of answering a lot of different questions, and I highly recommend looking there for additional information.

Tax Rebate and IRS
Read here for more details about Social Security and filing for the Stimulus Payment.

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