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Teen Poetry Contest


Teen Poetry Contest @ MPL
Go to any library and pick up an entry form to submit your poem with.
Entries must be returned between April 1st and April 19th.

Prizes include:

$50 Gift Certificate -- 1st prize
$25 Gift Certificate -- 2nd prize
$10 Gift Certificate -- 3rd prize

For more details visit any of your local libraries.


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Sarah Lorraine Currie-Lewis:

Scraped knees from the plea of him staying,
Insecure by the words and tone in the past saying.
Over and Over, I wipe my eyes to forgive,
Thinking I’ll be helpless without him, How shall I live?
Burdened, I stay strong, Remaining with no obligation,
No attachment, Or binding amongst this relation.
Keeping in hunger, thirst but to gluttan for no more,
Desiring in no wants, but my need is my longing for.
Streching out, Expanding my mind,
I express my tears,
Man made rivers, from my crying added from all these years.
Who is the blame? For a sadden heart,
I can’t fault out anyone for I had concerns from the start.
So how can this story end,
Breaking up and saying "You can be my friend".
No! This immature love can’t grow like this,
For if I leave to my island, You’re all I miss.
Reminiscing, Giving the next what I had,
And to see my replacement, It’ll be my bad.


i know exactly how that feels. i like to write poetry too but i have not been able to find any contest to enter my poems do u know any?

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