Ready Reference Historic Recipe File: Citrus Slush

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Looking for a way to cool off this weekend? Try this recipe for Citrus Slush adapted from the Milwaukee Journal on September 8, 1982. It makes a lot, so why not invite over your family, your friends or even the whole neighborhood!


Citrus Slush

4 cans (6 ounces each) frozen tangerine or orange juice concentrate or combination
1 quart pineapple sherbet
3 cups water
9 quarts white soda (about)
9 oranges, lemons and/or limes, sliced, for garnish (about)

To make slush, thaw juice concentrates and soften sherbet. In 3-quart airtight freezer container, combine concentrates, sherbet and water. Freeze 8 hours or overnight, until firm.

To serve, let mixture stand 10 minutes at room temperature. Scoop frozen mixture into 2 1/2-or 3-quart serving bowl. Fill bottom of larger bowl with layer of ice cubes and insert bowl of slush into bowl. Fill in space around side of bowl with more ice cubes. For each serving, spoon about 2 1/2 tablespoons slush into glass; pour in white soda and garnish with fruit slice. Makes 9 1/2 to 10 cups slush or about 60 servings, 6 ounces each.

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