Milwaukee Waterways digital collection is now available!

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The Milwaukee Public Library and the Wisconsin Marine Historical Society present the Milwaukee Waterways collection.


The final product is expected to include 1,000 photos. Currently, there are 602 photographs, with more to come shortly.

The photos for this digital collection come from photos from the Port of Milwaukee, the Great Lakes Marine Collection, and the Historic Photo Collection. Together, they make up a collection that covers the history of Milwaukee's waterways from the Milwaukee Harbor to the lakefront and Milwaukee's rivers. The photos cover a time period from the 19th century through today, and it is possible to see how Milwaukee's waterways have changed.

This digital collection has been made possible through a matching grant from the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program.

You can access MPL's digital collections from the home page. Down toward the bottom of the page is a button that says "Digital Collections" just click on that to be directed to the Digital Collections front page.

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