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Are you in need of energy assistance this winter? Flood relief? Child care concerns? The U.S. Federal Government may have a program to provide support. is a one stop website with over 1,000 federal benefit and assistance programs. There is a helpful questionnaire which will help you determine if you are eligible for certain programs and it also contains a quick alphabetical list for specific categories of aid. With this type of information often scattered about the Web, this pulls the information together in one place. For other useful sites courtesy of the Federal Government, check out the Government-Federal category on the MPL homepage under Recommended Links.

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i'm in the process of appealing for my s.s.i. and it's been over a year now. i have medical issues that are getting worse and need attention and i am unable to work. is there some place i can go for medical assistance to have my health needs taken care of. i live in ft. myers, florida.

Hi Cheryl,

We received your comment on our Now@MPL blog. We have some links to share that may be helpful to you.

Here is a link to the Lee County Health Department; there may be some helpful information available here for you.

You may also want to contact the Fort Myers, FL public library, since the librarians there will have the best information on local resources for you. Here is a link to the library's Web page.

We hope that this information has helped.


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