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For those who are interested in fostering a love of reading in your kids, finding tips on reading with your kids, or what's going on with and for kids at the Milwaukee Public Library, you will want to check out the blog Read All About It!, written by MPL's own Victoria Sanchez.
The Central Library's Betty Brinn Children's Room

Victoria Sanchez is an Education Specialist at the Milwaukee Public Library, and with two kids of her own is uniquely qualified to dispense advice on reading, children and the library's role in fostering a love of reading in children.

Her first post lists some of the 2009 award-winning books as recently announced by the American Library Association.

So check out, and make sure to read up on Read All About It!, and other interesting blogs on parenting.

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Nice to hear form this site that there ways to encourage children doing a productive hobby such a love for reading. It will surely help to boost the mind of these young adults. A wide reader always has the advantage. Probably most mother would be happy seeing their kids reading rather than watching TV.


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