Did you know a wild animal once roamed the halls of the Central Library?

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It's true! Back when the Central Library shared the building with the Milwaukee Public Museum, a lion cub named Simba lived and grew up here.
Simba on the roof of the Central Library. Photo from the book: Timba, Simba & Sambo

From 1898 to 1966, the Milwaukee Public Museum shared space with the Milwaukee Public Library in the Central Library building, until they moved to their current home. In early 1929, the museum's Cudahy-Massee African expedition brought back the lion cub orphan named Simba.

He lived in the taxidermy department on the fourth floor. He played with the museum staff and his favorite toy was a bowling ball. He exercised on the roof and catnapped in a doghouse. When he outgrew his museum home, he moved to the Washington Park Zoo in July 1929. He died in 1943. Simba is currently on display in the museum's African Savanna exhibit.

It looks like our library mascot Browser has some fine pedigree.

For more information on Simba, check out the book Timba, Simba & Sambo from your local library.
[Submitted by Dan Lee.]

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