Milwaukee Historic Photos first anniversary

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The month of June marks the one year anniversary of the Milwaukee Historic Photos digital collection.
A sneak peek of one of the photos to be added soon, this is the Triangle Building which used to be located near the Germania Building.

The collection launched with 150 photos of historic Milwaukee. Now, one year later, the collection consists of 750 photos.

So far the photos have mainly been from the Historic Buildings subject heading. In fact, that portion of the collection is almost finished, and will hopefully be completed by the end of the summer.

We have started adding photos of Milwaukee's streets. Wisconsin Avenue photos have been being added slowly almost since the beginning, but now we have started adding photos from the Streets subject heading of the physical collection. Street names beginning with "A", such as West Arthur Avenue, are being added, and we are going from there.

Keep watching the collection to see what else becomes available!

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1 Comment

Thanks for providing such a great collection. It is an invaluable research aid and just interesting to browse through. I look forward to see the future additions to the collection.


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