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Tornadic activity in Wisconsin

Spring and early summer in Wisconsin means budding flowers, the return of the growl of Harley-Davidsons to neighborhood streets, and unstable weather creating thunderstorms and tornados. With the exciting weather we had Monday, June 8, it's time to visit some of the more interesting tornado activity in Wisconsin.

The earliest mention of a tornado in Wisconsin was from 1766 when Jonathan Carver noted the after effects of a tornado in the region of what is now Chippewa Falls.

Tornadoes can be one of the most destructive forces in nature. Click here for a list of the deadliest tornadoes between 1865-1984. For tornadic activity between 1865 and 2006, click here.

One of the most notable days for tornadic activity in Wisconsin was August 18, 2005 when 27 tornadoes were confirmed in Wisconsin. Those 27 tornadoes broke the previous record of 24 tornadoes for the most documented tornadoes to have occurred in the state in one day.

For more information on tornadoes and other extreme weather in Wisconsin check out the National Weather Service.

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