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Wagons of Milwaukee Businesses

A US Mail wagon, from MPL's Wagons of Milwaukee Businesses collection.MPL has just unveiled its latest digital collection. Wagons of Milwaukee Businesses is a collection based on the photo album of the same name.

For this digital collection all 37 photos in the album were scanned, researched, and added to MPL's current stable of digital collections.

The Wagons of Milwaukee Businesses album came to the library from the estate of Theo. Habhegger, a Milwaukee manufacturer of short turn wagons. The album itself consists of 37 sepia-toned photographs of wagons, mostly belonging to various Milwaukee area businesses, from the early 20th century. The businesses represented by the wagons include dairies, groceries, florists, and more. These photos are a wonderful representation of an era of transportation before automobiles became commonplace in Milwaukee.

Check out this and other MPL digital collections.

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