What is one thing that Charlotte Bronte and Queen Elizabeth II have in common?

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Charlotte Bronte.pngQueen Elizabeth II 2.jpgCharlotte Bronte, famed 19th century English novelist, and Elizabeth II, reigning Queen of the United Kingdom, were both born on April 21, the former in 1816; the latter in 1926. Bronte, best known for her novel Jane Eyre, was the eldest of three literary sisters. To read more about this iconic writer, check out Unquiet Soul by Wisconsin author Margot Peters. Although we may wish both Bronte and the Queen a happy birthday on April 21, the official celebration for Elizabeth II is held each year in the UK on a weekend in June for the practical reason that the weather then is more likely to cooperate for a public party. This year, the festivities are scheduled for Saturday, June 12.

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