King Went Live This Week

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The new self-checkout stations (using RFID technology) are now "live" at King Library.

Anthony 003.jpg

Anthony tries self-checkout for the first time.

Now@MPL Blogger: Anthony, how old are you?
Anthony: Eleven years old.
Now@MPL Blogger: What do you think about the new self-checkout system?
Anthony: It's awesome! I love it!
Now@MPL Blogger: Any problems?
Anthony: No problems. Just read the screen is all.
Now@MPL Blogger: Do you think anyone could do it?
Anthony: Yes I do. Even old people like you could do it!

There you have it. Stop in at King Library--we're right off the freeway. King is convenient and the staff will be happy to show you self checkout and all the other wonders of the library.
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