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There is nothing like a nice thick platter in the morning. A platter of vinyl, that is! MPL's Central Library offers a unique and eclectic collection of vinyl lp (long playing) records for you to enjoy. So why not dust off that old turntable and groove all day and all of the night to old Kinks records, or laugh along while Spike Jones lampoons a few classic songs.

It may tickle your fancy to contemplate the poetry of Dylan Thomas or Robert Frost as they recite their own works. Feel the warmth and power of Beethoven or Verdi as you explore the extensive classical record collection available only at the Central Library.

Records can be checked out for three weeks so that gives you plenty of time to dig deep into the grooves of a classic record. Pops and hisses aside, many audiophiles believe that digital music has never really surpassed the warmth and sound of an analog recording pressed on vinyl and I, for one, wholeheartedly agree. Besides records, the Central Library also offers a huge selection of music on compact disc and even many concerts on DVD, so stop in and start groovin'!

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