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eXtension is an online learning environment providing reliable information from experts at land-grant universities from across the United States. Experts in the fields of agriculture, disaster, energy, child care, gardening, community planning, fitness, and more share the latest research with the general public, students, and professors with a focus on solving real-life problems in real time.

extensionlogo.gif Search eXtension's site by Resource Area (also known as Community of Practice) or select a topic in the "News", "Articles" or "Answers" portion of the website. In addition to the wealth of information provided on the website in print and video format, there is an Ask An Expert link that allows you to electronically submit your question to experts in your area.

eXtension is constantly updated with timely and informative resources for everyone. One of the more recent articles available involves the financial crisis. Check out "When Prices Rise: Living on Your Income" for useful tips on managing finances. An RSS Feed is also available to track all new content for a specific Resource Area such as the Financial Crisis.

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