Treasures of the Krug Rare Books Room: Rozkossen duchowjn modlitby

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A Mystery Solved

Last year I evaluated a gift book for addition to the Rare Books Room collection. It was written in a language that seemed Slavic but was not easily understandable. It seemed to be a religious book of some type since a few Latin words like Dei and Credo were decipherable.

To solve the mystery I scanned some pages from the book in color and sent them out to Slavic language scholars at several universities by e-mail attachment. Three of them got back to me and it was determined that the language was Old Czech and the book title could be translated Rozkossen duchowjn modlitby = Pleasant spiritual prayers. Mystery solved! The book is now part of the rare books collection and may be viewed by calling the Art, Music & Recreation Department at 286-3071 and making an appointment.

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Submitted by Patricia DeFrain - Rare Books Librarian

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