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There are 4 display windows outside the Krug Rare Book Room on the 2nd floor of Central Library. The contents of the windows are changed from time to time to highlight parts of the collection and/or events at the library.

At this time, the windows to the west of the doors contain an exhibit marking the 200th year of Charles Dickens' birth. One treasure from this display is the original serial set of the novel Our Mutual Friend as it was released in London. Books were often released in monthly parts over a period of time so that the working class people could afford them. Their paper covers were not designed to last so it is rare to be able to view a complete set.


The windows to the east of the doors feature cookbooks and cookery related materials from the collection. One of the windows contains a selection of Settlement Cookbooks with accompanying historical and biographical information about Elizabeth Black Kander. She founded the Settlement House in Milwaukee that taught young girls to keep house and cook. The other window features rare cookbooks from our shelves and includes selections from The Breta Greim Collection. This collection was donated from the "What's New in the Kitchen" WTMJ TV cooking show which ran from 1949-1962. It showcases pamphlets from that time, hand written recipes and published booklets like the Wisconsin Energy Cooky Book.

Please take a look at our interesting and colorful display windows the next time you visit Central Library!

Patricia DeFrain, Rare Books Librarian

KingCenter_pic1.jpgCome to the Central Library to see the Martin Luther King Jr. digital archives. Visitors will be able to see digital images of documents from Dr. King's correspondence, speeches and sermons and documents from other key figures from the Civil Rights Movement. Digital images of Dr. King's I Have a Dream speech, the Letter from Birmingham Jail, and his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech will also be on view . The exhibit runs from Monday, August 27th through Thursday, August 30th. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity at your Milwaukee Public Library.

Come Read Shakespeare Aloud in the Library!

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Taming_of_the_Shrew.jpgJoin us Saturday, August 25th to take your part in a round robin reading of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. Take part as a reader or a groundling as you wish. BYOB: Bring your own copy of the Bard. Library copies will also be available to use.

Date: Saturday August 25, 2012
Time: 1 P.M. to 2 P.M.
Location: Central Library's Oriental Room
Other Information: Future readings will take place on: October 27 - Macbeth.

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In 1966 the Italian photographer Caio Garruba photographed 40 posters from the Lenin Library in Moscow. They were created between the years 1917 and 1929 and spanned a dozen years of revolution, economic turmoil and unrest in Russia. Many were designed by renowned Russian artists like El Lissitzky and Alexander Rodchenko.

Facsimiles were created from the photographs and sold in portfolios by Grove Press in 1967. The set is accompanied by a booklet that translates the wording on the posters and identifies the artists. It is fascinating to browse through the posters and see the different styles of artwork and to be able to understand what they are communicating. One of my favorites is this Rodchenko poster, which was one of the first to use the technique of photomontage and calls for "Books Please - in all branches of knowledge."

PosterofRussianRevolution.jpgIf you are interested in viewing this set, call the Art, Music and Recreation Department at 414-286-3071 to arrange a visit.

Patricia DeFrain, Rare Books Librarian

Gerald Geerlings was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1897. After working as a designer and architect for several firms in New York he opened his own architectural practice in 1926. He also wrote and illustrated numerous articles on domestic architecture for magazines such as House Beautiful. As an artist, he is best known for his lithographs and intaglio prints of the 1920s and 1930s.

The International Fine Print Dealers Association describes his work this way:
Geerlings' works are characterized by the following key characteristics: extensive detail that concedes to the complete design, a rich variety of tonal gradations and surface texture, and a spatial expressiveness. Invariably, all of the formal elements of a work are exquisitely balanced and coalesce through the mysterious quality of light that illuminates the scene.

The Rare Books Room is fortunate to have 24 of his art prints including these examples:

If you are interested in viewing this set, call the Art, Music and Recreation Department at 414-286-3071 to arrange a visit.

Patricia DeFrain, Rare Books Librarian

index_wetlands.gifTake a visual and educational journey through Wisconsin's wetlands with Katie Beilfuss, Outreach Programs Director of the Wisconsin Wetlands Association. Learn about 100 of Wisconsin's most important Wetland Gems and how wetlands help the community's economy and quality of life.

Location: Central Library's Richard E. and Lucile Krug Rare Books Room
Date: Saturday, August 18, 2012
Time: 2 P.M. to 3 P.M.

No registration required.

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One of the most popular sets in the rare book collection is the 4 miniature volumes of Die kleinsten Bücher der Welt which translates to The Smallest Books in the World. These books were published in Germany in 1961. Each one measures 19 x 19 x 9 millimeters! The set comes packed in a special plastic case with tweezers for turning the pages and a magnifying glass to see the print.

One volume has the text of the Lord's Prayer. A second has the words "I Love You" in 9 different languages. The third has the text of the Olympic Oath and the fourth contains the Oath of Freedom.

If you are interested in viewing this rarity please call the Art, Music and Recreation Department at 414-286-3071 to arrange a visit.

Patricia DeFrain, Rare Books Librarian

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