Treasures of the Rare Book Room: What's In the Display Windows?

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There are 4 display windows outside the Krug Rare Book Room on the 2nd floor of Central Library. The contents of the windows are changed from time to time to highlight parts of the collection and/or events at the library.

At this time, the windows to the west of the doors contain an exhibit marking the 200th year of Charles Dickens' birth. One treasure from this display is the original serial set of the novel Our Mutual Friend as it was released in London. Books were often released in monthly parts over a period of time so that the working class people could afford them. Their paper covers were not designed to last so it is rare to be able to view a complete set.


The windows to the east of the doors feature cookbooks and cookery related materials from the collection. One of the windows contains a selection of Settlement Cookbooks with accompanying historical and biographical information about Elizabeth Black Kander. She founded the Settlement House in Milwaukee that taught young girls to keep house and cook. The other window features rare cookbooks from our shelves and includes selections from The Breta Greim Collection. This collection was donated from the "What's New in the Kitchen" WTMJ TV cooking show which ran from 1949-1962. It showcases pamphlets from that time, hand written recipes and published booklets like the Wisconsin Energy Cooky Book.

Please take a look at our interesting and colorful display windows the next time you visit Central Library!

Patricia DeFrain, Rare Books Librarian

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