Hispanic Heritage Month: Jovita Idar

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9.26.12.JovitaIdar.gifJovita Idar (1885-1946) was a journalist and an activist for the civil rights of Mexican Americans. Idar was born into a family of journalists in Laredo, TX. In 1903, Idar earned her teaching degree from the Holding Institute, a Methodist school. Idar taught kindergarten at Los Ojuelos, Texas but later resigned when she felt that she could not change the poor conditions under which her students lived. In 1911, Idar served as the first president of the League of Mexican Women. The League's mission was to provide improved and free education to impoverished children. After Idar resigned from teaching, she began writing for her family newspaper, La Crónica, edited and published by her father Nicasio Idar. Idar's articles critiqued the economic and social discrimination Mexican Americans faced. Idar also wrote articles supporting the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920). In 1913, Idar traveled to Mexico to help nurse the wounded and later joined the White Cross (La Cruz Blanca), an organization similar to the Red Cross. After returning to Texas, Idar worked on the El Progreso newspaper. When the newspaper printed Idar's editorial protesting President Wilson's decision to send US troops to the border, Texas Rangers attempted to shut the paper down. Idar blocked the door to the newspaper and refused to allow them entry. However, the Texas Rangers were later successful in closing the newspaper down and Idar returned to working at La Crónica. Idar ran the La Crónica after her father's death in 1914. Idar also continued her political activism, becoming an active member of the Democratic Party and opening a free kindergarten.

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