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Hispanic Heritage Month: Guy Gabaldon

10.12.12.GuyGabaldon.jpgPrivate First Class Guy Louis Gabaldon was a United States Marine during World War II who despite being only eighteen years old singlehandedly captured over 1500 Japanese soldiers. Guy was born to a Mexican-American family in Los Angeles, but at the age of twelve actually moved to live with a Japanese-American family, the Nakanos, who became his extended family. When the Nakanos were sent to a relocation camp at the start of the war, Guy took the first opportunity he could to enlist. His knowledge of Japanese culture and language led him to be able to work as a lone wolf soldier on Saipan Island, and over the course of the war managed to capture or get the surrender of an unmatched number of Japanese soldiers. He was awarded the Navy Cross for his actions, but is currently under review to instead be awarded the Medal of Honor. Sadly, Guy passed away in 2006 of heart disease.

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