Hispanic Heritage Month: Joaquin Torres-Garcia

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10.03.12.JoaquinTorresGarcia.jpgJoaquin Torres-Garcia (July 28th 1874- August 8th, 1949) was a Uruguayan artist. He was best known for being the founder of Constructivism art philosophy. Torres-Garcia was born in Montevideo, Uruguay but spent most of his life abroad in Italy, France, New York, and Spain. He received his education at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona where he became influenced by French Impressionism. After school, Torres-Garcia exhibited with many famous artist including Pablo Picasso, Piet Mondrian, and Marcel Duchamp. It was during this time that Torres-Garcia developed his three-dimensional concept for grids and planes made of wood. These pieces, called maderas, were groundbreaking works of art and earned Torres-Garcia international fame. He went on the open the "Taller Torres-Garcia", a school that promoted avant-garde artwork. He is revered today as one of the most influential Latin American artists. Learn more about Joaquin Torres-Garcia at your Milwaukee Public Library.

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