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Hispanic Heritage Month: Roberto Crispulo Goizueta

10.04.12.RobertoGoizueta.jpgRoberto Críspulo Goizueta defected from Cuba to America with only $200 and 100 shares of Coca-Cola stock, and would eventually rise to become the President and CFO of Coca-Cola for seventeen years. Born into a wealthy Cuban family in 1931, Goizueta worked for Coca-Cola previously in Cuba before he defected after Castro took control. Goizeueta rose quickly through the corporate ranks, eventually becoming the president in 1980. Under his leadership, Coca-Cola rose to greater success, stock prices soared and new products such as Diet Coke were introduced. New Coke also came to be under Goizueta, proving even great businessmen can have a few snafus on their resume. Having died from lung cancer in 1997, his philanthropic work continues through the Goizueta Foundation, supporting educational and charity institutions.

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