Yi So-Yeon and Chiaki Mukai

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Yi_So-yeon_at_ISS_08Apr17_(NASA-ISS016-E-036365).JPGYi So-Yeon (1978- ) is a South Korean scientist. She is the first Korean who has flown in space and the second Asian woman to do so. While on her space mission Yi So- Yeon worked on scientific experiments dealing with gravity. These experiments included fruit flies, plants and the effect of gravity of her face, heart and eyes.

Chiaki_Mukai.jpgThe first Asian woman to fly into space was Chiaki Mukai (1952- ). Mukai, who is a doctor, was also the first Japanese woman in space and the first Japanese citizen to have two spaceflights. Mukai has been a visiting lecturer at the International Space University and has worked on space missions doing medical experiments and studying how space flight relates to the aging process.

This entry is part of MPL's National Women's History Month.

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