89 Years of Crossword Puzzle Books!

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Although they had been appearing in magazines and newspapers since 1913, crossword puzzles had yet to be collected into a single volume and published on their own. In mid-April of 1924, a fledgling publishing company called Simon & Schuster took a gamble, publishing the very first book of crossword puzzles. Called, appropriately enough, "The Cross Word Puzzle Book" and sold with a pencil attached to it, the book was an instant hit and was responsible for launching the successful publishing company that is still around today.

Much like its parent company, the crossword puzzle has evolved. Aside from the puzzles themselves, you can find dictionaries (and other solving tools), as well as murder mysteries.

Check out books about crossword puzzles at your Milwaukee Public Library, but please, don't write in them. You'll spoil it for the next cruciverbalist.

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