50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

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marchonwashcrowd.jpgFifty years ago, some 250,000 men and women banded together for the fight against injustice and prejudice. Fifty years ago, they gathered on Washington DC, by the busloads from Harlem and Alabama, by plane, and train, and automobile from all across the nation. Fifty years ago, they marched under the banner of Jobs and Freedom, united for equality. Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King Junior stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and shared his dream with the gathered crowd and the entire world.

The immediate effect of the march resonated in the subsequent passing of the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act in the following two years. The lasting effect continues to this day, as the struggle for civil rights, equality, and freedom for all did not end in the sixties. In celebration of this momentous anniversary, there are some events today at the Martin Luther King library.

From 2:00-3:00 pm there will be a "Make Your Own Dream Bracelet" activity for children seven and up. String glass beads on a memory wire while making special wishes to the world!

From 6:00-7:00 pm there is a, "I Have a Dream" Open Mic Night, an all-ages event where patrons can perform a song, music piece, dance routine, share some thoughts, or read a poem to express their dream or to reflect on Dr. King's legacy. In addition, guest speaker Nancy Torphy, a participant of the March on Washington, will discuss her memories of attending the March. All ages are welcome to attend this family event. Performers can sign up with a librarian on the day of the event.

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