Commemorative wreath laying for Great Lakes ships lost at sea

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Rouse_Simmons_1913_Photo_from_the_Marine_Review.jpgThe Wisconsin Marine Historical Society will be laying a wreath at the anchor of the Schooner Rouse Simmons on Saturday November 9th at 9 AM to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of "The Big Blow of November 1913".

Date: Saturday, November 9th at 9 AM
Location: Anchor of the Schooner Rouse Simmons
Milwaukee Yacht Club
1700 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
From November 7th through the 10th of 1913, a storm raged across the Great Lakes region, reaching hurricane conditions on the evening of the 9th. By the following morning, the toll taken was catastrophic.....19 ships sunk, 19 ships stranded, and over 250 people lost.

The wreath laying will remember those lost in this "White Hurricane" as well as all those lost at sea, including the Edmund Fitzgerald, which went down on Lake Superior on November 10th 1975, and the Rouse Simmons (The Christmas Tree Ship) which sank on November 23, 1912 off of Two Rivers, WI.

The Wisconsin Marine Historical Society was founded in 1959 to support the Great Lakes Marine Collection located in the Frank P. Zeidler Humanities Room at the Milwaukee Public Library as well as to promote our State's vital maritime heritage.

For additional information, please contact the Society at 414-286-3074.

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