The Bdote Memory Map

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The Bdote Memory Map is an amazing resource available on the internet: an interactive guide to the Native American history of our neighboring state of Minnesota. Bdote is a Dakota word, meaning "where two waters come together". On this site you'll find a wealth of information, encapsulated in a digital interactive map of the Dakota lands in what would become Minnesota. Sites are highlighted on the map, and you can click on these sites to see pictures, read more information, and view video files of the oral history of these important places.

The site originated as part of a "City Indians" media installation in Minneapolis in 2005. It has grown and evolved, but the intention remains the same: a way to imagine learning from the Dakota people. The site encourages not only going through the interactive map, but also going to the sites in person as well. While perhaps the start of winter is not the best time to trek through Minnesota, perhaps you might use the site to help plan a future spring vacation while learning much about a different culture and its history.

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