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Famous pastime turns 100 today!

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 Happy Birthday Crossword Puzzle!  Today we salute your ability to trick our minds, stretch our vocabulary, and help us stave off boredom.256px-Mental_exercise_cartoon_-_journal_pmed_0020007_g001.png

Are you a pencil or a pen user?  Do you prefer the New York Times brain busters or People Magazine's pop culture run-down?  Puzzlers today have a plethora of choices, but it all began on December 21, 1913 when editor Arthur Wynne published a diamond shaped grid with numbered squares and clues in the New York World newspaper.  Read more about the history of Wynne's puzzle and how the New York Times editors reviled the puzzle as a "waste of time" in this wonderful article by the Washington Post.

East Library and all MPL branches can help you photocopy your puzzle of choice from one of our daily newspapers or help you find one of these gems that are available for checkout:

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maximum brainpower jacket.jpg



Find more exciting titles by searching crossword puzzle in CountyCat.


So, if you know the joy of filling in those little white squares, take a moment to wish your puzzle a happy birthday today. 


(Image derived from "Mental exercise cartoon," Daniel Mietchen, CC BY 2.5

East Library Construction Update

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Undeterred by the bitter cold, construction of the new East Branch Library moves heroically forward! Here are the latest photos:

2013-12-10 (1).JPG

2013-12-10 (2).JPG

2013-12-10 (3).JPG

2013-12-10 (7).JPG

2013-12-10 (9).JPG

Parklet labeled.JPGParklet.JPG

Help us spread the word! The Milwaukee Public Library recently released a Request For Qualifications for an exterior public art project at the new East Branch. Artist portfolios are due December 9th!

From the request:

The entrance to the new library will be on Cramer Street, just north of North Avenue. A unique triangular shaped piazza provides opportunities for creative work that invites artists to explore the nature of literature, community and culture. Viewed as a "canvas" for artistic interpretation, we envision adding art that activates the space so visitors' experiences begin before entering the building. We are seeking an inspiring and creative work that reflects on the ideas of community, literature, story, and learning. The work should invite discussion and interactions by those who live, work, and play in this unique part of our city. We imagine the piece as a beacon for the library and for all it offers and represents.


You can view the complete document here.

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