Big moves going on @ the Bay View Library

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IMG_1356.JPG In the next couple of months, the non-fiction books at the Bay View Library will be moving.  The movement is part of an ongoing project to separate our children's non-fiction from our adult non-fiction.  Since the Bay View Library opened in 1993, we have had an "integrated" collection.  That means all non-fiction books of a certain subject are shelved together by Dewey Decimal number regardless of age level.  Integrated collections were created so that adults with lower reading levels would be able to easily find information.  But since children's books are less numerous and harder to spot, this has made it more difficult for kids to find books written for them.

So the Bay View Library will be pulling the children's books and placing them temporarily on book trucks.  Once we have pulled all the children's books we will then relocate them to shelves to be placed where the adult fiction paperback racks are now so that they will be close to the children's area.  This project means a lot of moving and shifting of books, shelves and whole sections of the collection.  So if some of your favorite books are no longer where you saw them last, please come to the Information desk and we will be happy to help you locate them!

The Tippecanoe branch has already undergone this process and eventually all MPL branches with integrated collections will be making the change.



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