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Friday Finds @ the East Branch: Notes!

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For our current installment of Friday Finds, we've got notes!

First, a very worn and weathered Brazilian bank note, which somehow found its way to the bottom of our book drop:

brazilian currency.jpg


And second, a tragic lament written on post-it note, found stuck to a DVD returned in the book drop. The DVD case was still locked when it was returned, so we're guessing that this patron was moved to transcribe their feelings upon realizing that they couldn't watch the movie they'd checked out without returning it to the library to be unlocked!

dum dum post it.jpg

Always remember to unlock your DVD cases!

Friday Finds: Randomness

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Welcome to Friday Finds, where we post some of the random things we find between the pages of returned books. Because it's Friday, whoo!

This little scrap seems to be a cutout from a furniture catalog:


...a somewhat expensive furniture catalog. Found in An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield.

Next we have a card depicting the illustrious career of golfer J.C. Snead:

Thumbnail image for golf-card-front.jpg golf-card-back.jpg 

Maybe this was a hot item for trading in 1981. Check out those khakis! We aren't sure exactly which book this one fell out of, but hopefully it was something fashion-forward :)

Friday Finds @East Library

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We find all sorts of things left inside of library books. The most common are just date due slips, but some are much more interesting -- odd bookmarks, old photos, shopping lists, letters. (Some are terrible, like chocolate bars, but we're trying to forget about those!) We'd like to start sharing some of the best finds on our blog!

For our first "Friday Find," here's a letter that was meant to be found. It came in an envelope with "Finders Keepers - Open Me!" written on the front, and this lovely note inside:


The website written at the bottom,, leads to a site that proclaims "The world needs more love letters." Thanks, A2, whoever you are!

For more curious finds, check out Forgotten Bookmarks: A Bookseller's Collection of Odd Things Lost Between the Pages by Michael Popek. The author has compiled a fascinating collection, featuring finds much older than anything we're likely to find in a recently circulated library book!

Forgotten Bookmarks.jpg


Check back on future Fridays for more!


Submitted by Sophie @East

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