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The Great DVD-Genre-Sort Project @ Temp East

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What is a Library Team to do when CountyCat is down for the day? 

Special Projects! 

During our big system-wide upgrade yesterday, Temp East Library kept busy by beginning the monumental task of re-shelving our DVD collection into genres.

You may have noticed new codes appearing on our DVD labels:

03_dvd project 3.jpg

The example above is FOR, which stands for the Foreign Film genre.  DVDs in this category are filmed in languages other than English and/or countries outside of the United States.

The major benefit of genre-labeling and shelving will be easier browsing for all of you, our patrons.  Instead of doing complicated searches in the catalog, East Library staff will now be able to point sub-title lovers right to the Foreign Film section.  Hooray!

Thumbnail image for 1_DVD Project 1.jpg

Using many trucks and much arm muscle, the East team sorted and shelved the Action/Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama, and Foreign Films yesterday.

 As this project is "in progress" here at Temp East, we appreciate your patience as we continue to make changes.  Don't be afraid to ask for help locating your favorite film or TV show! 

2_dvd project 2.jpg

Stop by soon to start browsing our awesome DVD collection!





Friday Finds @ the East Branch: Notes!

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For our current installment of Friday Finds, we've got notes!

First, a very worn and weathered Brazilian bank note, which somehow found its way to the bottom of our book drop:

brazilian currency.jpg


And second, a tragic lament written on post-it note, found stuck to a DVD returned in the book drop. The DVD case was still locked when it was returned, so we're guessing that this patron was moved to transcribe their feelings upon realizing that they couldn't watch the movie they'd checked out without returning it to the library to be unlocked!

dum dum post it.jpg

Always remember to unlock your DVD cases!

East Branch Library Construction Update

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The back half of the library is finally starting to catch up to the impressive progress seen on the North Avenue side! Here's what the front of the library looks like now:

2014-3-12 (10).JPG

You can see where the huge front windows will be installed, which will look in on our main seating area:

 2014-3-12 (8).JPG

The large opening seen here, surrounded by the purple material, is where the main entrance will be, on Cramer St. The entrance to the parking lot will be to the left of the entrance as pictured here:

 2014-3-12 (7).JPG

Here's the current view from behind, facing E Thomas Ave:

2014-3-12 (2).JPG

And from the corner of Thomas Ave and Cramer St:

2014-3-12 (3).JPG


More to come!



Have you met Nancy @ East Library?

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Have you noticed East Library's unofficial mascot?  Before the move to Temporary East Library, our mascot lived a quiet life in the staff workroom.  Now she is prominently displayed for all to see!  This of course leads to one of our most frequently received questions, "is that really a Librarian Action figure?"  Why yes, yes it is!

IMG_Nancy Pearl 1.jpgBehold the Deluxe Nancy Pearl Librarian Action Figure!  Mint-ish in her box, Nancy comes complete with fun accessories like a Reference Desk, a book truck, and an awesomely outdated desktop PC.  According to her bio, Nancy's weapon of choice is the Dewey Decimal System and her mission is to promote and celebrate the written word. 

IMG_Nancy Pearl shushing.jpg


Thumbnail image for book lust.jpgNot only is Nancy an action figure, she is also a real working librarian!  In fact, you may have already listened to her book recommendation segments on the radio or read one of her many books.  She is famous for her "Rule of Fifty."  If you don't love that book after fifty pages, move on!  Life is too short to read things you don't like.

Of course, the second question we get about Nancy is "where can I buy one?!"  Unfortunately as far as we know, she is no longer being produced.  If you do find one on the second-hand market, please bring your Nancy in to say hello!

Learn more about Nancy Pearl on her website

East Library Concept vs Construction

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The new East Library is really starting to take shape! How do you think it compares to these architect renderings of the final building?

EA rendering 1.PNG







2014-2-5 awning (12).JPG





EA rendering 5.PNG








2014-2-5 awning (10).JPG










Renderings from East Library architects Engberg Anderson.


Temp East back in business!

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After an unexpected closure due to the extreme cold (and some frozen pipes), East Library is back to regular hours.  East Library will be open today 12pm-8pm. 

Couldn't make it to East the last two days?  Never fear!  Any held items with a final pickup day of Monday or Tuesday or still available, and will be here until we close at 8pm tonight.

hold list.JPGEast Library's eBook club will also meet at its normal time tonight, 6pm-7pm, so bring in your new device and get checking out digital media!


Famous pastime turns 100 today!

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 Happy Birthday Crossword Puzzle!  Today we salute your ability to trick our minds, stretch our vocabulary, and help us stave off boredom.256px-Mental_exercise_cartoon_-_journal_pmed_0020007_g001.png

Are you a pencil or a pen user?  Do you prefer the New York Times brain busters or People Magazine's pop culture run-down?  Puzzlers today have a plethora of choices, but it all began on December 21, 1913 when editor Arthur Wynne published a diamond shaped grid with numbered squares and clues in the New York World newspaper.  Read more about the history of Wynne's puzzle and how the New York Times editors reviled the puzzle as a "waste of time" in this wonderful article by the Washington Post.

East Library and all MPL branches can help you photocopy your puzzle of choice from one of our daily newspapers or help you find one of these gems that are available for checkout:

 Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for JacketWordplay.jpg

maximum brainpower jacket.jpg



Find more exciting titles by searching crossword puzzle in CountyCat.


So, if you know the joy of filling in those little white squares, take a moment to wish your puzzle a happy birthday today. 


(Image derived from "Mental exercise cartoon," Daniel Mietchen, CC BY 2.5

eBook Club @East Library

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 Did you know that your Milwaukee Public Library card gives you access to thousands of free eBooks, electronic audiobooks, and digital magazines? Well it does, and it's awesome! If you'd like some assistance navigating these amazing resources, please visit your local library!

Beginning in December, East Library will have a staff member available every Wednesday evening to assist you in setting up your eReading device to utilize the library's collection. So bring in your Kindle, Nook, iPhone (etc!), and we'll have you borrowing eBooks in no time!

 For a complete list of dates, or to set up a reminder, see the library events calendar.


(Image derived from "EReading Devices," Per Palmkvist Knudsen, CC BY-SA 3.0)

Scan, Save, and Share @Your MPL Branch!

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Do you need a quick, easy, and free way to sign and send a document?  Instead of trying to locate a fax machine, why not stop in at your local MPL branch and try one of our new Scan Stations? We recently received our station at East Library, check out the cool set-up:

Thumbnail image for Scan station photo 1-1.jpg

With a few touches of the screen you can scan up to 40 pages per minute and send them to your flash drive, Google documents folder, or email address, all for free.

Scan sample 2.jpg

The station also makes beautiful full color scans, perfect for photos or sharing your child's latest art project with family far and wide.

scan sample 1.jpg

These stations are now available at nearly every MPL location (coming soon to the Villard Square Branch!), so visit us today to start your digitization project!

Be Part of the Art at East Library!

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Cucullu proposal snip.JPG

Milwaukeeans, help inspire artist Santiago Cucullu's art installation at the New East Library.  The artist asks interested individuals to submit a short description of a significant life event that occurred near an MPL location, including the notable geographical landmarks where the event occurred.  You can share your unique Milwaukee story (500 words or less) and photos on MPL's Facebook event page or drop your story and photos off in person at Temporary East Library.  If you haven't visited before, the Temporary Library faces Greenwich Avenue and is located right next door to Stone Fox Salon. Submissions may also be sent via mail to us at 2430 N Murray Ave, Attention: Public Art or email at  The submission deadline is Sunday, November 24th.

See full proposals for the two public art installations commissioned for the new East Library, by local artists Santiago Cucullu and kathryn e. martin, on our East Library webpage.

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